The Secret to a Creative Entrepreneur’s Success, The Metro Offices Team

An image from Paul Wharton’s Pulling It All Together Book (Skyhorse Publishing) featuring business woman and philanthropist Tisha Hyter, shot at Paul Wharton Style in Metro Office’s Metro Center DC location.

I knew early on in life that I was intended to be an entrepreneur. I attempted to work a few desk jobs when I was in my late teens and early 20’s but after perpetually nodding off at my desk, I saught medical attention to see if I had narcolepsy (I’m 100% serious). After discovering that I wasn’t narcoleptic, I realized that I was just bored and working a paper pushing 9-5 wasn’t meant for me. I knew that I would have to create my own path. After years of working from home with patches of success here and there, I was introduced to Metro Offices. Working with Metro Offices taught me that there was a formula to business success, even for creative professionals. The formula had to do with structure, business identity, consistency, a strong admin team that is always there to answer the phone when business is trying to find you. I found all of this and more at Metro Offices and after 10 years of working in collaboration with them, I have to honestly attribute much of my success over the past years to the foundation and support I receive by being a client at Metro.

My team at Metro Offices and I being shot by photographer Barry Harley at The Metro Center DC, Metro Offices location.

My team at Paul Wharton Style is small but strong. An extension of my team includes the staff at Metro, Jenn Starling, my office manager that knocks my socks off daily with her strategic thinking, fast action and measured, delightful personality. Kimoni Bellamy, my Center Coordinator, she is a team player x 1000, she is solutions driven. If it needs to be done, we get it done as a team. Together, we make it happen.

Paul Wharton Style’s lobby at Metro Office’s Metro Center DC location.

My schedule can be hectic. I go from Fox 5 in the morning to my office in the afternoon for meetings and conference calls. I love hosting meetings at my office where we have big, beautiful conference rooms and if I’m hosting something in the later afternoon that isn’t so formal, I host my clients and guests in our one of a kind “Scotch Bar” located just off our lobby. Many of the other clients of Metro Offices are long time clients that I have a very close relationship with… I enjoy seeing them while grabbing a latte in the kitchen and monthly I’ll host a happy hour in the Scotch Bar to talk business and connect.

The Scotch Bar at Paul Wharton Style’s Metro Offices, Metro Center DC location.

Many people have seen many of my projects come to fruition lately, Hosting and Producing Home For The Holidays with Paul Wharton and Patti LaBelle, my new book Pulling It All Together Being released, my skin care line Paul Wharton Beauty expanding and more. Creative Entrepreneurs ask me everyday how I’m making it happen so I decided to write this sort of business love note (unsolicited by the way) about my team at Metro. If you’re looking to get serious about your creative business, I would strongly urge you to reach out to Jenn Starling (202) 558-5100 and see what the team at Metro Offices can do for you. With Flex Desk, Meeting Rooms, Virtual Memberships and Private Offices like mine, there are options for business that are just starting out to larger companies with many employees.

A page from Pulling It All Together (Skyhorse Publishing) featuring Motival Speaker and NBA Mom, Wanda Durant, shot by Barry Harley at Paul Wharton Style’s Metro Office, Metro Center DC location.

I hope this message helps to encourage many of you to make things happen for yourself, your family and your business in 2018!

Paul xx



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