Pulling It All Together Book Launch At Barnes & Noble Tysons Corner

My book launch and very first book signing was one of the most magical moments of my career. The people that packed the chairs and standing room of the @bntysons store is still something that I’m wrapping my head around. I am so very thankful to everyone that came out to get a signed copy of #PullingItAllTogether and meet me. Your smiles, positive energy, hugs and kind words were the recipe for a perfect #booklaunch and something I will not soon forget. I would like to thank so many people and I will over a few posts but for now, I need to thank @yancyworld for showing up with such enthusiasm and love. Thank you for moderating my signing and roast Shawn. Having you as my friend, colleague and confidant brings me great joy. Like I told you yesterday when we had a private moment, I hope we maintain this friendship for life. You gave me and the people that came out 💯 of your charm and talent and I just cannot thank you enough. To @therealmamadurant @marcia_l_dyson @heyfrase @la.bolden @drcsmanning @_h0lly_w00d_ @bodybypari @pwbuild90 @alldayadam_aye and anyone else that spoke yesterday, I appreciate your humor and your humility. Thank you for sharing our bond with the lovely people that don’t know me personally but came out to buy books. Because of you, they have a better idea of who I am. Here are few images from yesterday, shot by @joffoto and the 🎶 is my new Pulling It All Together song which will be available next week as a ringtone on iTunes! It’s catchy and uplifting and I hope you love it! Check out future book tour dates on www.pullingitalltogether.com and be sure to buy your book from @barnesandnoble online or pick up a signed copy @bntysons ! Next up I’ll be signing at @equinox #DC on January 27th and headed to #BarnesandNoble in #Cleveland @bnwoodmere to do a signing and discussion with @wayne_dawson of @fox8newscleveland on Feb 3rd at 1pm come out to the #Eton #Chagrin store! You can grab my book and my girl @gabunion #weregonnaneedmorewine while you’re there! #Thankyou #Love #Gratitude #Faith #booksigning #PaulWharton #Manglam @janellez.beauty @thehairstylistkellysimmons



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