Meeting Lisa Fischer on Good Day was “So Intense”

Paul Wharton and Maureen Umeh on set at Good Day DC with Lisa Fischer and The Grand Baton

When I was a kid, my Mom played one album so much, she just about played it out! I used to ask my Mom often to put on Lisa Fisher’s debut album “So Intense” and I would sing and dance along to my personal favorite’s “So Intense”, “WildFlower”, “Get Back to Love” and the break out hit song “How Can I Ease The Pain”. So it came as an incredibly delightful surprise when Lisa Fischer and The Grand Baton came to the Good Day DC to promote their series of live performances at Blues Alley in Georgetown.

Lisa’s look has evolved and she’s really come into herself as an artist and a woman. I was thrilled to meet this phenomenal woman that I’ve only known through a CD cover, in person. Check out her website for upcoming events Enjoy!


Paul xx


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