Loud and Proud at Capital Pride 2018

The official Pride flag

Last Saturday, I marched alongside Mayor Muriel Bowser and her team of green at the Capital Pride Parade. We lead the charge over the rainbow crosswalk and through the Dupont Circle neighborhood, running and singing our hearts out, fueled by pride. Over 200 contingents followed behind us on floats or on foot, sharing high energy and gifts with the crowd. One of the most memorable floats featured the Capitals signature ‘ALL CAPS’ slogan in rainbow and glitter, and the song “We Are the Champions” blaring from speakers in reference to their Stanley Cup win.

“This weekend, we celebrated our #DCValues. Our values in all people is what makes DC the greatest city in the world 🌈” from @mayor_bowser on Instagram

Thousands of parade watchers dressed in all types of fun and flamboyant outfits lined the streets, eager to experience the floats and to receive free goodies like beads, balls, and flags. There was no shortage of entertainment and good vibes for the crowd thanks to the numerous DJ appearances and choreographed dances. Capital Pride was undoubtedly a celebration. As we continued parading and interacting with the crowd, I couldn’t help but notice the diversity all around me. People from all walks of life were united in the nation’s capital to celebrate unbounded love. That is what Pride is all about, celebrating our ability to love and accept each other despite our differences. I am proud to live in a city that exemplifies diversity and inclusion.

“#HappyPride to my #LGBTQ brothers and sisters and all of our friends and allies! I marched in the parade today with #DC’s @mayor_bowser and loved every moment of it! Get out there and be proud people! #LoveYourself #CapitalPride #DC #PaulWharton” from @paulwhartonstyle on Instagram



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