Insanely Awesome Food from Top DC Chefs, Introducing Hungry Marketplace

Food is a major part of our lives and since we spend so much time at work, it’s important to have a go-to corporate caterer that provides amazing food at the best prices. Many of you had heard me talk about Hungry and now we’ve made the process of ordering even easier. Introducing the 3 step Hungry Marketplace! Here’s how it works… First, log on to then follow these steps;

1. Select a Menu from a Network of Top Local Chefs

HUNGRY flips the traditional restaurant model on its head. Instead of one executive chef with a broad menu, we have a huge network of top chefs, each providing only their best dishes.

2. Chef prepares your catering & HUNGRY delivers to your office

HUNGRY’s well-earned reputation for reliable delivery and beautiful food presentation ensures a VIP-level experience for everyone in the office.

3. Enjoy Quality Food, Rate & Review

HUNGRY rigorously screens the chefs before they can become a HUNGRY Chef, but your ratings & reviews help everyone know which ones are truly remarkable.

Hungry is truly the solution to your co-workers asking “What should we have for lunch”. And to get you started, I’m offering you a special Paul Wharton promo code. Go through the process as described above and at check out put in PW50 to receive $50 off your first order!

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