Hosting the Fashion for Hope Runway Show

Last night I hosted the Mix Masters Runway show at Bloomingdales for Fashion for Hope! Fashion for Hope is an incredible cause to raise awareness and money for Colorectal Cancer. Last year my good friend Avi Benaim lost his beloved wife, Michelle Benaim, to colorectal cancer, so him and his daughter, Sofia Benaim, partnered with Bloomingdales to pull off this fabulous show.

Before and after the show, the audience bought clothes, shoes, accessories, and anything they could possibly dream of from Bloomingdales. A percentage of all of the items bought go to the Michelle Benaim fund, for research and awareness of Colorectal Cancer.

After the show, I had the chance to sell and sign all of my books for the audience. Avi bought every single one of my books that I brought with me, meaning that my book has contributed to the Michelle Benaim fund!

Thank you to Avi and Sofia for having me host such a heartfelt, and inspiring event. And thank you to the team of makeup, hair and clothing stylists who made all of the girls look SO FABULOUS!


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