Guys Going West… Paul’s Great Seattle Adventure

If you’re a fan of Sex and The City you’ll remember a series of episodes that followed Carrie, Samantha, Miranda and Charlotte going west for a big LA weekend.Remember how Carrie met the Vince Vaughn character and it turns out he wasn’t a big Hollywood executive but rather a house sitter for Carrie Fisher from Star Wars? Ok, imagine that but with guys and that just about tells the tale of my Seattle adventure with my friend’s Erwin Gomez, Brian Fekrat and the person we were visiting, our Seattle based buddy Marko Thomas!

We had the most amazing time, all topped off by hooking up with one of the first friends that I made when I moved to NYC at 19 years old. Kendall Gelfand was in my step class at New York Sports Club on 7th Avenue South & 10th Street in the village. After class, we would run over to 3rd floor walk up with an amazing roof deck and get sun. Can you imagine the free radicals that I took in! Thank goodness I’ve using SPF ever since 😀. On Sunday night we hooked up with Kendall and she took us to some of her favorite dance spots in Seattle. Oh and you know we hit up the original Starbucks Coffee shop, yum! I can’t wait to go back!


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